Bra Tips!

Choosing a bra for support is a personal decision, often tedious and never as fun as shopping for lacy lingerie.... but it is one of the most important accessories to consider for your day.

There are so many bra options available now but really, it  comes down to personal preference, so here is a list of bust support options to work with a low or backless gown:

1. Booby Tape - this is hands down the best option for a stick-on bra. Available in a bunch of colours and tutorials on how to adhere for different outfits and bust looks but most importantly, it stays on, so you won't have to worry about sweating this off and. coming loose on your big day!  



2. Bra Extender - this works with your favourite nude bra by hooking on to the connection at the back then wrapping around lower on the body. This is a good low-cost option to covert your bra, you already feel comfortable in, into a low back option.


3. Low Back Bra - a great option for comfort and support, if going bra-less or using tape simply isn't an option. Free People and Storm in a Cup both offer a bralette style available in sizes XS-XL.


4. Body Suit - opting for a bodysuit in a low-back gown means not having to worry about the low back closure slipping up. Spanks bodysuit shape-wear with a low back is perfect for extra body contouring or for a sexier option in the bodysuit with low back, Ender Legard has a supportive and sexy option.