Dying Pink with Avocado's

Have you thought about dying or altering your wedding dress to wear it again?

LCC pieces are designed with re-wearability in mind but in some cases, a small alteration or a full-colour change is needed. And silk is the perfect fabric to dye naturally, so to help inspire, I have dyed my Little White Dress PINK with avocados!

This is one of my favourite natural dye colours so I have a few do's and dont's from personal trial and error.

Method below or watch it here

I used approx. 10 avocado pits for this dye batch, you can also use the skin but I only used the pits for this as they are a little easier to collect. It can take a few weeks to collect enough avo-pits. So to keep them fresh, rinse the pits thoroughly and store them in a bowl in the fridge until you have enough.

First step is to prep your garment, either wash it thoroughly and leave wet or soak to ensure the dye is even. I soaked my Little White Dress over night in warm water. 

Bring the avocado pits in the largest pot you can find to the boil and leave simmering for a few hours or until the colour is looking dark enough.

TIP: You can check the colour by dipping in a scrap piece of fabric *use the hem of the dress if shortening.

I left the avo-pits in the warm water, brought the pot back to boiling then reduced to low heat and to remove the pits once happy with the colour. 

Once all the avo-pits have been removed, transfer the wet dress into the warm pot of dye. 

Stir often to ensure even dye application

Check the colour after a few hours.

TIP: All avocados will make a slightly different colour, if the colour isn't looking quire right, you can add a little baking soda to make the colour more pinky-toned or vinegar for more orange-tones. Different avocados will create slightly different colours. *I added a little baking soda to achieve this soft blush pink

Styling your new PINK dress - I style the LWD in pink with my fave black crepe tee for a more relaxed look.

I hope this helps to inspire you xx