How to wear your gown again?

So why did we decide to make gowns?

After a lot of thought and demand for a classic gown to wear with our blouses, we have developed The Nola Gown. Bias-cut style, floor-length at the front with a small train and designed to be flattering on its own for a minimal style or pair with one of our sheer blouses for ceremonial style. We are kinda obsessed.

How exactly could you wear this gown again?

Only a small amount of fullness has been added to the train to look less fussy but also to easily shorten into an ankle-length or knee-length after your wedding to have a bias-cut dress to wear for your anniversary or any other occasion you have after the day. We offer complimentary hemming (If local) or if you decide to take your gown to a seamstress, your mum, or a friend to hem shorter - it has designed to be an easy alteration to make!
Nola and Tilly 

A lot of thought went into developing these gowns to be the perfect fit, classic style, and re-wearable so the names had to be good too!
The 'V' Neck version of this gown has been named after my Grandma, Nola, and the Boat Neck version after my Grandma's twin sister, Tilly. 
These are two of the most inspirational women I know, neither have been afraid to go against the grain in their lifetime but both have an element of understated elegance.
The photo above was taken at my wedding in December chatting to my gorgeous grandmother (right) and her twin sister (center) with a glass of rosé in hand each (of course).