Wedding Lingerie

OK, let's be real, the lingerie you wear on your wedding day will most likely be a sticky bra and a nude G or spanks. It’s the lingerie you get changed into on your wedding night and pack for your honeymoon that needs to be a must on every bride's list.

I left this until the last minute for my wedding without realising how difficult it would be to find lingerie that ticks all the boxes; sexy but cute, silk not poly and eco-conscious but not daggy. I eventually got there but it was a much larger task than I had allowed time for pre-wedding.

Since my wedding, collating the perfect hit list of what pieces to buy and where to shop for lingerie has become a personal mission. To help brides-to-be and also for my own research for when this crazy time is over I can plan a trip with my husband again.

Lingerie list:

1. A sexy set for that special night
2. A kimono or robe to throw on and look effortlessly sexy in the hotel room or resort

3. Something practical but cute in a pastel colour pallet to wear under semi-sheer day or loungewear on your honeymoon

Brands we love: 

LONELY LINGERIE: Unique and sexy design, inclusive fits, and considered materials.  


FORTNIGHT: Classic styles, designed to fit well with a little lace, quality materials made in Europe and constructed in house.


UNDERPROTECTION: Sexy, comfortable, and one of the most sustainable options out there.